video in different linux variations

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Sat Sep 5 17:25:44 UTC 2009

uriah heep wrote:
> I have about given up on kubuntu so I decided to try different live 
> disks to see what if anything would run.  Fedora is the same as kubuntu 
> not working. Knoppix and susi half work but have microscopic text in 
> some situations. Mepis (kde) and mandiva (knome) live disks run without 
> issues.
> Will find it distasteful to change distro's but may wind up with little 
> choice.  I am curious since I can access the hard drive install of 
> kubuntu with the other 2 live disks is there any way I could use them to 
> install the ati drivers in kubuntu?
So if it works for you, go ahead and use mandiva or mepis or 
what else you might like.

For the ATI driver installation, google is your friend.
Just an example:

Kind regards and happy distroing


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