Nasty little complication with the Russian 'phonetic' keyboard.

Bas Roufs basroufs at
Thu Sep 3 17:32:48 UTC 2009

Hello Alex

The problem has been solved. Thx. for your input!
> "result file" is ~/.Xmodmap. Open in with text editor (I suggest Alt+F2,
> then kwrite ~/.Xmodmap) and find string with "Cyrrilic_che". Cut it and
> "Cyrillic_CHE" from assignment. Then paste to another keycode, which you
> feel more comfortable, then save.

Now I managed to find and edit ~/.Xmodmap via Kate.
But in the mean time I again tried out Calc while the ч stays at the =
key. Now, the problem has been solved somehow. I only need to change
via one left-win key to the USA alt.intl. keyboard in order to
correctly work with calc. This is OK for me.

> To get keycode for a key, run "xev" utility in a terminal, press key to
> test(focus should be in xev window) and then find line with "keycode" in
> a terminal where you launched xev from.

This is useful info anyway!

Respectfully yours,

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