Nasty little complication with the Russian 'phonetic' keyboard.

Bas Roufs basroufs at
Thu Sep 3 12:55:38 UTC 2009

Hello Alex

>> That's why, I am wondering weather it would be possible to position
>> the 'ч' character at another key. If so, how?
> you can try xmodmap tool.
> $ xmodmap -pke >~/.Xmodmap
> then edit result file and  re-login

A few minutes ago, I opened a terminal and give in the command you suggested:
$ xmodmap -pke >~/.Xmodmap
However, nothing happened - no failure report showed up. But I did
also not see any 'result file' which I could edit.

> if it doesn't work after re-login, then execute  xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap in a
> terminal

I have tried this in a terminal:
$ xmodmap~/.Xmodmap
But again - nothing happened.

Also sudo variants of boths commands did not work out.

Did I overlook anything?

I also typed in this:
$ xmodmap -pke
Than, a long list of key codes appeared

Than, a long list of 'keycodes' appeared. By example:
keycode  25 = w W Cyrillic_ve Cyrillic_VE
The Cyrillic characters referred to here above, are: 'в' (ve) and 'В'. (VE).

The keycode which seemingly refers to the '=' key is this one:
keycode  21 = equal plus Cyrillic_che Cyrillic_CHE dead_doubleacute dead_horn
'Cyrillic_che' refers to 'ч' and Cyrillic_CHE' refers to ' Ч'.
Is there some possibility to re-edit this keycode in such a way that
the ч/ Ч does not any more conflict with '=' when working with Calc
spread sheats?

Respectfully yours,


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