How do you fix a panel in KDE 4.2.2?

clay weber claydoh at
Thu Sep 3 12:43:12 UTC 2009

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> 2009/9/3 Cary Bielenberg <cary at>:
>> On 03/09/09 09:05, Jerry Lapham wrote:
>>> Trying to use the touch pad on my new laptop, I accidentally  lost the
>>> desktops, open applications, the network connection, and perhaps some others.
>>> I can't find any way to add them back.  I don't remember the keyboard method
>>> for switching desktops because I've never needed it before so I'm stuck on
>>> desktop 1.
>>> Help!
>>>       -Jerry
>> Jerry,
>>          i find it easiest to do the following   sudo rm -r
>> ~/.kde/share/config
>> when you log back in it will recreate your taskbar etc, you will have to
>> reset up your favorites & walpapers etc.
>> '
> It will erase all you KDE aplications' configurations, such as Kmail.
> Find the right file and rename (not delete) it. Only delete it when
> you are done.

I agree here. Are you missing the entire panel? or just the widgets on it?
have you tried re-adding these back via the right-click menu on your 
desktop? You need to add a taskbar to the panel as well as any of the 
other widgets such as the pager (for multiple desktops) and the network 
manager widget.

Once you have these items back, whichever way you get there, you can 
'lock' them via the right-click menu


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