Nasty little complication with the Russian 'phonetic' keyboard.

Bas Roufs basroufs at
Thu Sep 3 11:18:29 UTC 2009

Hello Georgi and everybody else

Thx. for your feedback.

> Are you sure that the keyboard model is properly listed in the keyboard menu?

As far as I know - yes. I found the Russian Phonetic keyboard as follows:
SYSTEM SETTINGS > regional and language > keyboard settings. 'Russian'
is simply one of the 'available' lay-outs.  This lay-out has 13
variants: Default, Phonetic, Typewriter,  'Legacy', Tatar, two
Ossetian variants, two Chuvash variants, Utmurt, Komi, Yakut, Kalmyk.
Only the 'Phonetic' variant is close the keyboard I usually work with:
'USA International'. So, all the other 12 variants are not relevant
for me.

> These letters do change position in different models. In Bulgarian Phonetic
> layout the 'ч' is at the '~' key (the last in left next to 1 key).

In the Russian Phonetic keyboard, the '~' has been attributed to the
'ю' (yu). But the '-' key, next to the '=' - and backspace keys, could
be used for the 'ч', if it is possible to maintain the '_ '
(underscore) at the '-'key, even in case the Russian keyboard is
active.  But I do not now whether it is possible to redefine the keys
within the Phonetic variant, and if so, how.

Respectfully yours,


> gk
> On Thursday 03 September 2009 13:06:19 Bas Roufs wrote:
> > Dear Everybody
> >
> > Recently, I installed the 'phonetic' variant of the Russian keyboard next
> >  to the default keyboard at my machine with Kubuntu 9.04: 'US alternative
> >  international'. I did so via SYSTEM SETTINGS > regional and language >
> >  keyboard layout.  This 'phonetic' variant is the only variant I can
> >  possibly work with when 10 finger blind-typing - so I am vary happy it
> >  exists! But there is one nasty detail which creates sometimes
> >  complications: the position of the character 'ч' (tsjè). This character
> >  has been positioned at the '=' key, the key immediately left of the
> >  backspace key. The '='-key is vital for working with spreadsheat packages,
> >  like 'Calc' (OpenOffice). If the Russian phonetic keyboard is active, it
> >  is simply impossible to work with Calc. But even when I switch to USA
> >  alt-intl., I sometimes have difficulties with Calc. Yesterday I could only
> >  solve such problems by DE-ACTIVATING altogether the Russian keyboard and
> >  restarting the PC. Now I have re-installed the Russian phonetic keyboard
> >  in the way described above. But it is very well possible that I will need
> >  to de-install it again in case I get the same difficulties with Calc, even
> >  when the USA alt intl. has been activated. That's why, I am wondering
> >  weather it would be possible to position the 'ч' character at another key.
> >  If so, how?
> >
> > Respectfully yours,
> >
> > Bas.
> >

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