Want KDE 3.5 look and feel

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 06:30:38 UTC 2009

2009/8/30 Mark Halegua <phantom21 at mindspring.com>:
> I've upgraded to kubuntu 9.04 and I'm not happy with the look and feel of kde
> 4.3.  I liked 3.5 and how it worked.
> In many ways I liken the changes in look and feel of 4.3 to the changes
> microsoft made to their desktop from XP to vista.  And I thought that was a
> mistake as people had to relearn how to use their desktop.  As a consultant I
> heard a lot of complaints about that, and when I showed them KDE 3.5, they
> were much more likely to move from windows vista to Linux as a result.
> Is there a way to keep 4.3 but make it look like 3.5?  Is there a skin or some
> such for this?

While a theme might help KDE 4 _look_ like KDE 3, it will not make it
behave in a similar fashion. Please tell me exactly what problems you
have with KDE 4 and what you find unintuitive. We will file bugs and
fix them. Thanks!

Assume that I am unfamiliar with KDE 3 and describe your problem only
in terms of KDE 4. For instance, instead of "feature XYZ does not work
like in KDE 3" mention that "feature XYZ is unintuitive. Trying to A,
B, and C on it did not work as expected".


Dotan Cohen


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