Grub and Grub2 don't get along?

Kaj Haulrich kaj at
Sat Oct 31 09:08:57 UTC 2009

On Saturday 31 October 2009 07:17:24 Jerry Lapham wrote:
> I managed to install Kubuntu 9.10 on dev/sda7, an empty but
>  previously formatted partition on my laptop.  I was a little
>  leary, but I think I let it default to installing grub2 on
>  dev/sda.  When I rebooted, the grub menu from Kubuntu 9.04 on
>  dev/sda5 was displayed with no way to boot 9.10.
> I thought, well, that was probably a good thing.  I'd just add
>  Kubuntu 9.10 on dev/sda7 to that menu like I had Mandriva 2009
>  on dev/sda6.  I did it and rebooted but when I clicked on
>  Kubuntu 9.10 it took me to a grub prompt.
> How do I get 9.10 to boot?

Grub2 is a different beast from grub legacy. No menu.lst anymore.
In /boot/grub, you'll find a file called grub.cfg, but - as it 
clearly says: - don't edit this file.

Instead, you'll find a file in /etc/default called grub. This one is 
editable and after editing one must run: 'sudo update-grub2'.

While doing so, it will search for other bootable partitions, and 
create a new boot menu.

In your case, I would simply try to run 'sudo update-grub2' and see 
what happens.

I've had countless problems with grub2 myself during the alpha-beta 
phase, and the documentation is sparse - to say the least. So, 
before you edit /etc/default/grub, save it under another name, i.e. 
'grub_original'. That way you can restore it - if need be from a 
live CD, if the system will not boot at all.


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