Kubuntu a dist in crisis?

Chan Chung Hang Christopher christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk
Tue Oct 27 14:01:49 UTC 2009

Dotan Cohen wrote:
>>     Personally if developers want more people to be involved they really need
>> to skip out of the bastardization that is C++ and/or the systems level
>> language that is C and move more towards application level languages like
>> Python/Ruby/Perl (yes, the order shows my preference) where a large portion of
>> the steps between 1 and 2 are simplified.
> I believe that is what Chan was referring to when he brought up "port it"!
Nay. 'Port it' is the KDE team's own words and it is true. kiosktool 
will not work with KDE4. If you could check the kiosktool mailing list, 
there was a post to that effect. If requires 'porting' to work with 
KDE4. Just like a lot of KDE3.x apps will need porting to work in KDE4 
(minimum switching qt toolkit version)

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