Kubuntu a dist in crisis?

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 10:59:05 UTC 2009

> I can almost hear a 'port it yourself' coming. :-D

It's implicit, not explicit this time! Here is the thread:

> Will Kiosktool be available for KDE4? Is there an altternative that
> one could use today? Thanks.

I am not sure but I think that at least at this moment there is nobody working
on it.
I heard it mentioned several times and people agree that it is an important
tool, however nobody so far has had the time to actually do something about it
(former maintainer busy with non-KDE work, current KDE contributors busy with
their usual KDE work, no new developer interested in or aware of the

I am pretty sure that at some point there will be a KDE4 version or an
equivalent since Kiosk is still part of the framework.
My guess is that using the KDE3 variant should still work but I don't have any
hard facts on that.

Dotan Cohen


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