Kubuntu a dist in crisis?

Pastor JW pastor_jw at the-inner-circle.org
Sat Oct 24 19:46:07 UTC 2009

On Saturday 24 October 2009 11:51:34 am Dotan Cohen wrote:
> We are already on the fourth KDE 4 cycle. The first two (4.0 and 4.1)
> were not meant for end users. KDE 4.2 was, but it had a lot of rough
> edges. KDE 4.3 really shines, but most KDE 3 users who strayed from
> the default settings will find something missing. I find those missing
> features and file feature requests on them.

I have been trying to find a way to display my cpu temp in the bottom panel 
like my KDE3 does in my KDE4 install but so far no luck.  According to the 
fan speed KDE4 runs warmer than KDE3 so I want to keep track of it no matter 
window I am working in.  KDE3's way is very nice.  Of course I am very fond 
of KDE3 anyway.  

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