Network connection

Derek Broughton derek at
Wed Oct 21 14:07:52 BST 2009

Georgi Kourtev wrote:

> Dear all,
> What is best to use for connecting to various networks? In my package list
> I've got:
> -knetworkmanager
> -kdenetwork
> -network-manager
> -network-manager-kde
> -plasma-widget-network-manager
> -plasm-widget-networkmanagement
> I am a bit confused. Can someone explain? Thanks.

They're almost all variants of the same thing.  network-manager is the 
backend for all of it. The "plasma" packages are different names for the 
same widget (the first is just a dummy depending on the second) for 
configuring NetworkManager (it supposedly can use other backends, but they 
don't exist yet).  knetworkmanager and network-manager-kde are different 
names for the KDE tool that manages network-manager.  [knetworkmanager no 
longer exists in Karmic, at least]

kdenetwork is different - it's a meta-package intended to pull in all the 
kde network tools (that is, tools that _use_ the network, not for 
configuring it [except that it also includes kppp]).

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