Staying with Hardy

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Sun Oct 11 07:21:03 BST 2009

Paul Lemmons wrote:

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>> I plan to stay with my near perfect and very customized install of
>> 8.04.
>> In my case, the eventual decision to upgrade will probably be driven by
>> hardware. I'm currently running 32 bit Kubuntu on 64 bit hardware which
>> limits the machine to 4 GB of ram.
> Not so... install the 32 bit "server: kernel and you can get beyond that
> limit. Karmic has a PAE kernel for the same purpose.

Yeah, I've googled that option, and I gave it serous consideration. You
are right that changing the kernel to the server kernel would allow more

I've also seen posts with people having trouble with that solution,
especially with regard to closed source drivers.

Not worth it to me, I've never tried to customize or change the
kernel. I'll just wait for when I do my next fresh install and move to 64

Tony Sivori
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