Is there some trick installing a .exe file using wine, for, Kubuntu 8.04

Brian Norman Wootton Brian.Meg at
Sat Oct 10 19:10:45 BST 2009

> I've got 9.04 on a 64b AMD.
> >
> > I have tried all the suggested variations, all produce the same symptoms:
> > on the console:
> >
> > $wine /media/cdrom0/setup.exe
> >
> > gives me a pop-up:
> > ------------------------------------------
> > MDAC was updated. Your system will reboot to complete the update. After
> > your system
> > reboots setup.exe will continue.
> > ---------------------------------------------------------------
> > when I click OK in the pop-up, I get multiple
> >
> > fixme:odbc:SQLRemoveDriveManager
> >
> > on the console - the whole thing is in an continuous loop, Only way out
> > is Cont-C, kill -9 blah,

What do you want to install/run?


Microsoft Picture It! Photo Standard 9

I use Gimp a lot, but it has far more 'functionality' than I need, and it's 
multiplicity of options sometimes confuses my appalling memory. I have used 
Picture It for some years, am used to it its limitations but can quickly 
get it to do what I want.
 Having said all that I ain't going to cry if it is one of those apps that 
wine can't deal with, Gimp can and does do what I want.

It is well known that wine is NOT able to run ALL win-doze applications.  
Perhaps you are looking at one of those which it simply can NOT run.  
The only way to "have your kate and edith too" is through 
virtualization. VirtualBox is an open-source option; VMWare is a 
proprietary or commercial option.

as I said above, if it's not straightforward to wine an MS product I'm
not really interesting too much in pursuing it.


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