jar recognized as zip file

Martin Bretschneider mailing-lists-mmvi at bretschneidernet.de
Fri Oct 9 17:27:41 UTC 2009


I have jaunty and a problem with file associations:  In Dolphin and 
Konqeror a jar file is reconized as zip file and opened with apps like 
Ark. But in the file associtions dialog there is the right (default) 
assosiation to a JRE. See this in 

It clear that a jar file is a zip file but that is not the purpose. A 
odt file is a zip file as well but opened with OpenOffice.org. It seems 
that the Unix tool file seems to recognize this...

I have also tested this with another user with the same problem.

Do you have an idea?

TIA  Martin
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