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Tue Oct 6 19:49:32 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 06 October 2009 04:20:09 Neil Winchurst wrote:
> I use kubuntu Hardy, which is just about 18 months old now. The new
> version, Karmic, is due out soon. Since I have Hardy tweaked exactly how
> I want it I plan to stay with it. For example, I want to stay with
> konqueror not dolphin. I have java and flash running just fine. It can
> take ages to get a new version ready for me. And updates would probably
> not work.
> Up to how I have had regular updates, including some today. What are the
> implications of staying put with Hardy please? Will I still get some
> updates or not? Is it a good idea to stay put?
> Thoughts anyone?
> Thanks
> Neil

I am with Hardy too, and I plan to stay there for at least the next year.

If all you want of your system is working at your taste now, then it will
continue to do so for long long time to go.

You will not have new versions of softwares, (but you dont need it, since
the actual one is working well for you).

You will receive the Security updates for next 2 years.

And all will work fine, stable, and secure. As it is working now.

(yes there is the yahoo example given by another responder, but it
depends on Yahoo changing a fully working protocol, for another one,
and not the kopete program that stopped working. You are not immune to
changes that other may do in their protocols. Even the last version
of kubuntu is not immune, but will have to be fixed too.)

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