CRT monitors VS Laptop stuff

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Mon Oct 5 21:53:15 BST 2009

On Mon, 2009-10-05 at 11:31 +0100, Mark Greenwood wrote:
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> > I notice my monitor kinda grey-ing out every so often. I'm hoping I
> > don't have to replace this monster Dell and was wondering if some of the
> > laptop stuff that seems to be loaded will try to dim the display for
> > power saving measures. I am plugged into the wall for juice ...not a
> > battery in sight.
> > 
> > Whatever bad juju I had in my mouse seems to have climbed into my
> > monitor. I can't find a chicken foot to wave at it, so I figured to
> > ask. :) Ric
> > 
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> > I'd try jiggling (try both ends - common problem) or replacing the cable between them as a start to see if its a cable issue. 
> > Following that it is likely to be a monitor issue.   (Finally a notebook issue - seems the least likely explanation to me)  Do let 
> > us know. 
> > 
> If moving the mouse around brings it back to life then it might well
> be powersaving - in which case you can look in Power Management in the
> System Settings to find it. But I think it's unlikely. Definitely try
> jiggling or even replacing the cable, I've had a few go wrong with
> age. However the bad news is that 'greying out' is often the sign of a
> Trinitron that is about to lose the magic smoke that makes it work.
> The usual technical solution to this is to apply sharp percussive
> maintenance on the perimiter of the enclosure (i.e. give it a good
> hard slap on one side).... sometimes it works. Sometimes it makes bits
> fall off. But it's fun anyway :)
> Mark,

There has to be some power saving thing going on that ain't right. I can
crank up Sauerbraten and quit, the display is perfect. Nice and crisp.
Then I go into evolution and the display fades, ...just a touch. Enough
to be noticeable. Enough to be irritating. Of course, Karmic is very
much Beta, but I would like to figure out which package to bring to
someone's attention. In the KDEsetup thingie, I have power saving set to
off. I just deleted every Xorg driver that ain't nVidia. Then I deleted
those and used the driver straight from Nvidia. I deleted every package
that claims to be a laptop power saver/battery watchdog. No diff, I
still get a touch of "fog". But, it cleans right up after an OpenGL
game. Weird. Ric

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