CRT monitors VS Laptop stuff

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Subject: CRT monitors VS Laptop stuff

I notice my monitor kinda grey-ing out every so often. I'm hoping I
don't have to replace this monster Dell and was wondering if some of the
laptop stuff that seems to be loaded will try to dim the display for
power saving measures. I am plugged into the wall for juice ...not a
battery in sight.

Whatever bad juju I had in my mouse seems to have climbed into my
monitor. I can't find a chicken foot to wave at it, so I figured to
ask. :) Ric


I'd try jiggling (try both ends - common problem) or replacing the cable between them as a start to see if its a cable issue. 
Following that it is likely to be a monitor issue.   (Finally a notebook issue - seems the least likely explanation to me)  Do let 
us know. 

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