Canceling a "job"

Paul Lemmons paul at
Sun Oct 4 23:06:54 UTC 2009

Paul Lemmons wrote:
> Ok..I like what they have done with the little info area; where 
> informative messages popup from,  keeping you in the know. Much better 
> than before when the messages would pop up and then instantly 
> disappear, never to be seen again.That said, I think they may have 
> gone a little bit too far (or not far enough, depending on how you 
> look at it).
> I was uploading a large file to an FTP site today using dolphin. It 
> used to be that there was a dialog box that appeared showing progress 
> and, more relevent to this discussion, a cancel button. When I dragged 
> my large file from my computer pane to the FTP pane it dutifully added 
> an entry to the info area letting me know I had 5 more hours to wait 
> for it to finish uploading and even showed me a progress bar. Cool so 
> far, except that I had dragged the wrong file over. Try as I might, I 
> could not find any way to tell it to stop, short of logging off and 
> back on.
> I am thinking that a little red X on that info/progress-meter would go 
> a long way towards making me happier than I already am with Karmic.
Added bug:
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