Mouse is opening desktop menus without a mouse click

David McGlone david at
Sat Oct 3 20:42:25 UTC 2009

On Saturday 03 October 2009 03:30:17 pm Ric Moore wrote:
> On Sat, 2009-10-03 at 12:17 -0700, Pastor JW wrote:
> > On Saturday 03 October 2009 10:39:32 am Ric Moore wrote:
> > > Thought I better start a new thread. Today, after last night's updates,
> > > just moving my mouse across an empty desktop will open scores of pop-up
> > > menus. I moved the mouse across the icon bar and opened evolution
> > > without clicking on it. What package would I report this to the bug
> > > tracker on?? This is a nasty one. X{ Ric
> >
> > When that happened here, it was a bad mouse.  The micro switch happened
> > to break is all and it was coincidence that I happened to have just been
> > updating k-mail at the time rather than k-mail's fault!
> Thanks to all. Now I shall shoot said optical mouse quickly and
> painlessly. It's been a good little mouse. <sniffs> I'll miss it. Ric

Ya know thats computer cruelty. ;-) Your Keyboard is now going to be depressed 
because his poor close friend is about to disappear. Better stock up on the 
"koloft" LOL

David M.

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