Ripping CDs

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at
Mon Nov 30 09:54:33 GMT 2009

Reinhold Rumberger wrote:
> Am Montag 30 November 2009 schrieb O. Sinclair:
>> So problem is "sort of solved" but I don't understand why it did
>>  not  work before lame installation
> Because all the programs you listed need lame to convert the .wav 
> files to MP3s.
well - it seems most people would believe that kubuntu-restricted-extras 
package with ffmpeg should do the trick - but it doesn't.

>>  or why I can not browse an
>>  audio cd from /media/cdrom or likewise
> The kernel does not know how to mount audio CDs. The WAVs, OGGs and 
> MP3s konqueror, dolphin and some other programs show you are just 
> virtual files that represent the data present on the CD - audio 
> tracks in this case.
> That's also why KDE needs a separate kioslave for audio CDs - Linux 
> simply does not know how to handle an audio CD.
OK  I checked on a 8.04 Hardy computer and the audiocd comes up as 
/media/scd0 but it can still not be seen from command shell so I guess 
you are right

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