Amarok 2.2/1.4

Lisi lisi.reisz at
Fri Nov 27 10:47:04 GMT 2009

Hello, Bas - 

Thanks for the suggestion.  I had already dome most of it, so I tried to 
upgrade KDE with singular lack of success. ;-)
(No. Myriam, I have not abandoned your suggestion.  It is just that if this 
worked, it woul dbe simpler for me.  But I shall appear on irc later when I 
am not dashing in and out.)  If this doesn't work for me, that is.

On Friday 27 November 2009 09:37:14 Bas Roufs wrote:
> Hello Lisi and everybody else
> >> > > Sadly, Amarok is now even worse.  At least before I could
> (snip)
> >> > Then something is wrong with your installation. ....
> (snip)
> This morning I found a solution which might also help you if you work
> with Kubuntu Karmic.  Shortly summarised: I upgraded Amarok to version
> 2.2.1. IN THE FRAMEWORK of a general upgrade from KDE 4.3.2 to KDE
> 4.3.3. KDE 4.3.3. is the latest stable version of KDE and contains a
> lot of useful bug fixes. After carrying out this KDE upgrade, I tried
> Amarok - it works very well at my machine, the sound quality is
> excellent.

How did you do this?  (The upgrade bit.)

> I have acted as follows.
> First I went to:
> From there, I copied this phrase - a repository you need to add:
> deb karmic main
> I did so by carefully following the instructions at a page which
> explains how to 'add a repository':
> But of course, instead of the repository mentioned there, I added the
> repository mentioned above.
> Before installing the updates of that repository, but after 'adding'
> that repository, I carried out a 'GPG key test' via a command line in
> Konsole. See for details:
> This test did not deliver any failures, so I went on to the next step:
> I simply installed ALL the updates available now in that repository -
> in order to avoid mistakes. 

Again, how did you do the upgrading?  My attempts aren't being very 

> In this way, Amarok is well integrated in 
> the rest of the Kubuntu system.

Yes - that sounds a very good idea, if I could only achieve it.


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