Bookmark streams in Amarok

Alvin info at
Wed Nov 18 08:07:37 GMT 2009

On Tuesday 17 November 2009 22:12:11 Myriam Schweingruber wrote:
> Hi Alvin,
> On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 12:59, Alvin <info at> wrote:
> > How do I bookmark a stream in Amarok?
> >
> > Adding a stream to a playlist is easy, but how do I save the stream to a
> > bookmark? The list of bookmarks only contains places within Amarok.
> >
> > Do I really have to create a playlist will all streams in it? Doesn't
> > seem logical to me.
> Not at all. The following assumes you still have the original layout
> with three panes:
> on the left in the Media Sources view: select the stream and click on
> the Bookmark icon on the to right of that panel, it will allow you to
> save this location

Thank you Myriam, but I still can't find it. Let me tell you step by step what 
I tried. To be on the safe side, I erased all Amarok configuration files in 
- I add a stream (Playlist -> Add Stream)
- Select the stream in the right pane.
- Click the bookmark icon above the right pane -> Bookmark this location.
- The Bookmark Manager now has a new bookmark called 'Default Layout'.
- I then erase the stream from the playlist with the 'Clear Playlist' button.
- Now clicking the bookmark 'Default Layout' does nothing. The stream URL is 
gone from Amarok.

> ditto on the right in the playlist view, select the stream and click
> on the Bookmark icon on the top right of the view -> save this
> location

Same here.

> You can then manage the bookmarks you set in the Bookmark Manager,
> available through these icons or in the Menu "Tools"

I see that, but it only bookmarks 'locations within Amarok'. Now I only want 
something simple, and that is adding a list of stream locations to Amarok, so 
I don't have to look them up later.

So, I tried adding the http://... url to the Bookmark Manager. You can add 
those, but they are not visible and clicking them within the Bookmark Manager 
yields no results.
Looks like: Name | Type (http) | URL (http://blablabla.mp3)

> FWIW, Amarok 2.2.1 (available in the backports PPA) allows to manage
> and group bookmarks even more easily.

I used that version. In the left pane, there are 'Music Sources':
- Local Music
- Internet (I was expecting stream URLs here)
- Playlists
- Files
- Podcasts

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