Urgent help needed - desktop/ screen Kubuntu Karmic does not function at all!

Bas Roufs basroufs at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 12:54:57 GMT 2009

Hello everybody

There is some nasty problem at the Kubutuntu Karmic partition of my
PC. After finishing the upstart procedure, about one-third of my
screen is black - as a matter of consequence. At this PC, there are
two other OS: Kubuntu 7.10 and Windows XP 'Professional'.  At both
platforms, the PC seems to function normally. So, it must be some
nasty software problem within Kubuntu 9.10.
Moreover, I do not manage work in a normal way. It is a big problem to
open and to quit any package, including Dolphin and the Konsole. Also
the K-Menu does not function properly.  I am writing this message from
the Kubuntu 7.10 partition of this PC, because it is simply impossible
now to work with Kubuntu Karmic.
So far, I have tried the following: I started the PC in the 'recovery
mode' of Kubuntu 9.10. From there I opened a terminal in root, started
'midnight commander', renamed and moved the .kde folder and rebooted
the PC. This did not solve the problem. So, I returned a few times to
the root terminal in the recovery mode, started again midnight
commander, simply deleted .kde and rebooted the PC. A new version of
.kde did come back. However, after restarting Kubunu 9.10 exactly the
same problems came back. Does anybody have a clue how to get back
Kubuntu Karmic to normal?

Respectfully yours,


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