fonts and Nvidia on 9.10

Homer fsunoles at
Mon Nov 16 22:31:36 GMT 2009

I should plug away more before posting questions.

On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 3:17 PM, Homer <fsunoles at> wrote:
> OK, I just installed 9.10 and am in the process of getting things
> looking like I want them.  I always forget about fonts before I
> install a new version.  I'm playing around with the "Fonts - System
> Settings" and I'm wondering where in my previous 6.06 config files I
> could find what I had previously chosen for my favorite fonts?

Still looking for the above info

> Possibly related...   I have an ASUS EN7600GT video card.  Will I need
> to install any Nvidia drivers to make sure I'm using the card to its
> full capability?

I seem to have this resolved.

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