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Steve Lamb grey at
Mon Nov 16 16:02:37 GMT 2009

Bruce Marshall wrote:
> All very PC

...  Actually, if we're following the vernacular of the commercials it is 
quite anti-PC.

 > but if you've ever shopped for a netbook

     ...  Didn't I just write a message stating that I ordered my Mini 10v. 
You know the Dell netbook?  So, yeah, I have shopped for a Netbook.

 > you will find that you can get a LOT more hardware for the same money by
 > buying a Windows netbook and then adding Linux.

     Actually I found the hardware pretty comparable up to a point.  That 
point, where the Windows preloaded hardware comes in, is a point which exceeds 
what a Netbook should be and ventures into the territory where people should 
be thinking of a full laptop.  Or, putting it another way, fleecing the ignorant.

> Lets say a  160GB HD (Windows) versus a 40GB HD (Linux) 
> for the same money and possibly more RAM as well.

     Huh...  Really?  When I shopped for my Mini I was able to get a 120Gb 
drive.  The Windows version had a 120Gb drive.  1Gb of RAM on each.  Prior to 
that the tasks which spawned the desire for a netbook (EMail, web browsing 
including flash playblack, some light 2D gaming and word processing) fit 
comfortably in a VM with 386MB of RAM and an 8Gb HD image.  So I have a 
machine with comparable specs to the Windows version, cheaper than the Windows 
version, does all that I desire of it and has far more power, space and RAM 
than I could need for the next half decade.  But somehow I missed all that. 
Neat trick.

> I'm not going to pass on those bennies just to vote for Linux.  Sorry.

     Short sighted.  Those benefits, if they are not fleecing the ignorant, go 
tpo the option that has commercial viability.  Want those benefits (and more) 
tomorrow you have to prove it is commercially viable today.  Not a difficult 

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