Jeffrey Barish jeff_barish at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 6 21:27:17 GMT 2009

Clay Weber wrote:

> On Thursday 05 November 2009 09:58:50 pm Clay Weber wrote:
>> On Thursday 05 November 2009 08:15:47 pm Jeffrey Barish wrote:
>> > Apparently pwmanager has been dropped from Karmic Koala.  All I could
>> > find was a source tarball, but it won't make because kde-config is
>> > missing.  I suspect that it is obsolete also.  I have all my passwords
>> > stored in pwmanager.  Any suggestions how to recover them?
>> You need to install the correct kde3 libraries installed (kdelibs4-dev
>> and libqt3-mt-dev)
>> Looking at the output of ./configure will also give some clues
>> you will also need to run configure like so:
>> ./configure --prefix=/usr --without-arts
>> Also, as this app hasn't been maintained I would recommend trying out
>> keeppasx, which seems to have the same features and is both
>> cross-platform
>>  and still maintained
> Actually, the Jaunty package installs and runs just fine in Karmic - KDE3
> packages have not changed much between recent Kubuntu releases


I've been using PwManager for years, but it seems to be time to switch.  I 
will look at KeePassX.  KWallet is a little different, I think.  It seems to 
be a place for KDE applications to stick passwords.  I use PwManager to 
stash passwords that I create (e.g., to access particular web sites) and it 
generates passwords for me to use.  If KWallet does these things, the 
functionality is well hidden.
Jeffrey Barish

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