asus wireless LED does not toggle in karmic

Donatas G. dgvirtual at
Fri Nov 6 06:05:38 GMT 2009

On 2009 m. Lapkritis 4 d., trečiadienis 14:06:00 Donatas G. wrote:
> I have Asus A8F running Kubuntu Karmic Desktop i386
> Karmic brought a lot of good changes - so far I had no problems with
>  disabled wireless after sleep/hibernate. But there is one new problem:
>  wireless LED stopped responding to Fn+Wireless or F2) keybinding. it does
>  not toggle any more, although wireless does get turned off and on as
>  usual.
> How do I fix that? I cannot even turn it on/off manually (there used to  be
>  a special file in /proc/acpi/... that I could echo a 0 or 1 to to change
>  the status of LED, but the folder acpi/ no longer exists under /proc
> Any ideas what file is used to control the LEDs in Karmic?

Found out how: if anyone faces the same bug, read this bug report:

Donatas G. 

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