Is there a package I should install to use xine embedded in other applications? [solved]

Marcelo Magno T. Sales mmtsales at
Thu Nov 5 13:11:53 GMT 2009

Em Segunda-feira 02 Novembro 2009, Marcelo Magno T. Sales escreveu:
> People,
> I have xine installed in Kubuntu 9.10 and can use it to successfully
> reproduce any kind of video I have here. However, Kaffeine, Dragon
> Player and Gwenview, which use xine to play videos, are unable to
> reproduce the very same videos I can play using xine directly.
> They show a progress bar as if they were playing the videos, but no
> sound is heard and no video is displayed.
> Is there a package I should install to be able to use xine embedded
>  in these other applications?

Problem solved. I had cairo-dock (with opengl) configured to autostart 
when I logged in KDE. After executing cairo-dock, the xv driver no long 
works in smplayer, kaffeine, gwenview and others until I log out and log 
in again. Removing cairo-dock from autostart has solved the problem.
I will file a bug against cairo-dock.


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