openoffice in Karmic

Errol Sapir errol at
Thu Nov 5 11:52:48 GMT 2009

I uninstalled and then re-installed it using synaptic and 
everything now works as it should. Thanks for your aid.

errol at wrote:
> Hi Eberhard & Jonas
> I tried both your suggestions.
> when starting from console I got the same results as before. The logo 
> comes up and goes away . No error message was stated.
> When trying to move the which was supposed to be in my 
> home directory I get the following message.
> "errol at errol-linux:/home$ mv
> mv: cannot stat `': No such file or directory
> I am now going to try and uninstall using synaptic and 
> re-install it.
> Errol
> errol at wrote:
>> I am having trouble opening any of the open office programs since 
>> upgrading to Karmic. Any way I try and open a spreadsheet or word 
>> processor (clicking on the icon, using alt/F2, or clicking on a 
>> relevant document) starts a logo of open office and then nothing.
>> No further activity takes place. I tried "sudo apt-get install 
>>" and was informed that I had the latest updated 
>> version of openoffice.
>> Is this a bug I should report, or is there another solution?
>> Errol
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