Network connection

Tom H tomh0665 at
Thu Nov 5 06:31:51 GMT 2009

>>> My question: how can I enable at least my wired network access to install
>>> packages? If not possible, is there any other way?

>> Stop wicd
>> # invoke-rc.d wicd stop

>> Edit /etc/network/interfaces
>> (assuming that your wired NIC is eth0 and that you are using dhcp)
>> # cat /etc/network/interfaces
>> auto lo
>> iface lo inet dhcp
>> auto eth0
>> iface eth0 inet dhcp

>> Start networking
>> # ifup eth0

> My struggle to connect continues.  I followed Tom's instructions and got
> connected vie cable. Then installed network-manager (as well as all 4 packages
> suggested by KPackage).

> Now:

> 1. I cannot connect via cable. When I click on the network icon it says
> 'ifupdown (eth0)'.

> 2. It does not connect to any wireless network (both secure and unsecured).

1. The reason for the "ifupdown..." is that you have eth0 set up in
/e/n/i and ifupdown set to "managed=true" in
/etc/NetworkManager/nm-settings.conf but you should have a wired

2. What does NM list under "available" and can't you choose to "create
a new wireless network"?

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