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Wed Nov 4 18:48:39 GMT 2009

Hi Gang!

I just upgraded my system to 2.5Tb of drive space and 4Gb of ram. Then, I installed 9.10 from a clean CD. The good news is that everything worked great after a modicum of fiddling. 

The bad news is that I seem to have misplaced my directions for making another drive the default home folder. A good friend helped me set it up last year. 

Before I upgraded, I had a 320Gb boot drive with 8.04. During the boot process, it would redirect /home to my secondary, 1Tb drive. Now that I have a 1.5Tb drive as my primary, with 9.10 installed, I can still access my old drive, but I forget how to set it as /home so that I can recover all my old settings, email, chat logs, etc.

I've done a web search and have found a half dozen conflicting ways of doing it. Any suggestions that have been tried and known to work with 9.10? 

BTW - After five days of playing with it, Karmic appears to be very stable and fast. The new KDE aps work well, for the most part. 

I must admit, I'm not found of KPackageKit. You may laugh, but I had very good luck with Adept. Even Synaptic was better than  KPackageKit. 

Dolphin is okay as soon as I figured out how to use it. [wry grin]

In the games arena, they seem to have abandoned some of the old games. Any reason why the Pysol Solitaire and the older Xishen are no longer available for KDE4x? Is there any reason why I couldn't copy them from my old drive?

Thanks in advance!


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