Is there a package I should install to use xine embedded in other applications?

Mark Greenwood fatgerman at
Tue Nov 3 20:19:39 GMT 2009

On Tuesday 03 Nov 2009 00:18:48 Marcelo Magno T. Sales wrote:
> People,
> I have xine installed in Kubuntu 9.10 and can use it to successfully 
> reproduce any kind of video I have here. However, Kaffeine, Dragon 
> Player and Gwenview, which use xine to play videos, are unable to 
> reproduce the very same videos I can play using xine directly.
> They show a progress bar as if they were playing the videos, but no 
> sound is heard and no video is displayed.
> Is there a package I should install to be able to use xine embedded in 
> these other applications?
> Thanks,
> Marcelo
Kaffeine, Dragon, and Gwenview all use Phonon, which uses xine as the backend. Perhaps you should check your configuration on the 'Multimedia' panel in the system settings.


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