root access to kcron

Derek Broughton derek at
Tue Nov 3 13:51:33 GMT 2009

pkaplan1 wrote:

> How do I create a system cronjob using kcron?
> I seem to recall there is a command to launch the module with root access,
> but not how to do it.
> The kcron module in System Settings only allows editing of user cronjobs.

Paul, you'd be more likely to get answers from kubuntu-
users at, as this list caters to Ubuntu rather than Kubuntu.  

Which version of kubuntu are you running?  kcron on karmic is only available 
from "System Settings" (ie, there is no /usr/bin/kcron) and has a clear 
radio button that allows you to choose either "Personal" or "System" 
crontabs (the KDE 3.5 version allowed you to choose _any_ user's crontab, 
but made figuring out how to use the system one a little confusing).

However in karmic, I see if you get there _from_ System Settings, the system 
cron is not modifiable.  You _should_ be able to run "kdesudo kcmshell 
kcron", but that isn't working for me, either (nor is "kcmshell --list").  
"kdesudo systemsettings" does work, and now shows me radio buttons for 
"Personal cron", "System cron" and "Cron of user ...", so I'd say it's a 
familiar old bug  of not asking for admin credentials inside systemsettings.

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