Doing a clean install of 9.10

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Try mount command in a terminal. 
One of the lines should be /dev/sdXY on /home, where X is a letter depending on whether it is the first, second, etc hard drive and Y is a number indicating the partition number. That will be your home partition. You should also see /dev/sdXY on / which will be the root partition. 

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So after reading that some on the list had problems with their upgrades, I've decided to do a 
clean install of 9.10. 

Not wanting to wipe my [separate] /home partition - how do I know which _is_ my /home partition? 
This might sound like a stupid question but there used to be a time when /home was on, say, hda5; 
nowadays with all this uid (or whatever it's called) there is no hda5, hda1 etc. only [stupid] 
unrecognizable too_long_for_humans_to_remember numbers! 

So how do I format /root and not /home? 



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