John Pierce john.j35 at
Sun Nov 1 21:40:58 GMT 2009

Greetings all!

I went through the dist-upgrade from inside of KDE and it failed at
about 60% through.  I knew the system was in a state of flux at that
point so I opened a shell and ran "sudo dpkg --configure -a."  This
went through the rest of the setup process, however GRUB was never
installed.  I then did "sudo aptitude install grub2" and the resulting
command installed two packages which were grub2 and grub-pc.  I opted
to let the unit chain load grub2 from grub legacy to test it out, but
it fails and the system just boots normally.  I mean to say that I am
never taken to a grub2 menu.  I have since un-installed grub2 and
repeated this process twice with the same result each time.

Also, I have not seen any upgrades come through the pipe line since I did this.

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