Kubuntu a dist in crisis?

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Sun Nov 1 20:43:25 GMT 2009

Clay Weber wrote:

> On Friday 30 October 2009 02:29:33 pm Derek Broughton wrote:
>> O. Sinclair wrote:
>> > Gentlemen, has not this discussion left the topic in question since
>> > quite some time?
>> I sooo hate net police.
> Wow, I wouldn't even consider that even the net Neighborhood Watch :/

I suppose not, but really - threads drift.  It's perfectly appropriate, and 
it annoys me to no end when somebody decides they don't like where the 
discussion has gone and wants everybody else to stop.
>> > If you feel like arguing on about programming languages
>> > I suggest a separate thread or, better yet, another mailing list for
>> > that discussion.

As far as I was concerned, it wasn't an argument about programming languages 
at all - it was an argument about whether specific programming languages 
could/should be held as the "standard" in Ubuntu.  Perhaps it really belongs 
in one of the devel-discuss lists, but that's not where it is - and any 
attempt to move a thread is just another form of censorship.

>> I suggest the delete key.
> But that sure is a lot of useless reading and deleting. It was a polite
> suggestion, a motion I would like to second.

There's a lot of useless reading and deleting all over the Internet.  Good 
newsreaders and email clients will let you dump this whole thread with a few 

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