flash for Firefox (64-bit jaunty)

Brian Norman Wootton Brian.Meg at btinternet.com
Sun May 31 09:00:16 UTC 2009

Doc, Goh Lip
I have a similar hardware set-up to you I think, I do have full 64 bit 
wide data path between
processor and memory. It runs Jaunty, KDE 4.2.2 with an NVIDIA graphics 
board. And I use

I have yet to have a failure playing any video format I've found on the 
web or in my local files
or Vista files!! I can solve the Guardian crosswords within FF(uses the 
java applet,icedtea)

Complete list of Firefox add-ons, whether relevant or not

Java Console 6.0.02

Default plugin
Demo Print plugin for unix/linux
DivX Browser plugin ***
gxine starter plugin
IcedTea Java web browser plugin(6b14-1.4.1-0ubuntu7)
mplayerplug-in 3.55
Quicktime plug-in 7.4.5 ***
RealPlayer 9 ***
Shockwave Flash 10.0 r22
Windows Media Player Plugin ***

*** all these seem to be catered for by MPlayer

I must be lucky, apart from the initial problem of installing 
ia32-sun-java6-bin-6-13-1(amd 64)
which turned out to be a combination of a bug in KPackageKit and finger 
trouble on my part
and is now installed. Everything else worked fine. An expert I ain't, so 
the only thing I can
say is that I made sure I exhaustively searched the repositories for 
what I wanted before using
the FF 'get add-ons' route as a last resort.
I've been away on holiday, and I've had my 'computer room' in bits 
since, so apologies for the 'silence'
though I don't know whether the above is much help. My memory is sadly 
moth-eaten these days
so I can't remember much detail but how and in what order I added these 
plugins. I'm willing to
do what I can if there's anything you want though.


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