Attempting to move from kde 4.2.2 to 4.2.3

steven vollom stevenvollom at
Fri May 29 23:48:28 UTC 2009

On Friday 29 May 2009 07:38:30 pm David McGlone wrote:
> kpackagekit -v

steven at steven-desktop:~$ kpackagekit -v
Qt: 4.5.0
KDE: 4.2.2 (KDE 4.2.2)
KPackageKit: 0.4.0
steven at steven-desktop:~$

Additionally, look at my identity.  I have used the same installation form for 
over a year and made many installations.  My identity has been 
steven at Yeshua:~$ all that time.  Look at it now.  I know that I have never 
created a name like: steven at steven-desktop:~$.  Sorry to be such a problem.  I 
can see why Nepal was angry.  But I don't have any idea how to get my 
situations normal.


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