Password, password, password (and again) ... in one KDE session.

Willy K. Hamra w.hamra1987 at
Fri May 29 16:04:12 UTC 2009

O. Sinclair wrote:
> David McGlone wrote:
>> On Friday 29 May 2009 10:00:09 am Ulrich Grün wrote:
>>> Namastè,
>>> My complaint:
>>> When I start my system (KDE, that is), I have to give my login password
>>> first, then Kontact asks for one, and at last FoxMarks (Firefox) and some
>>> dating site ask twice more.  In other words: I have to fill in four (4)
>>> times my password.
>>> Now to my question:
>>> Is it possible to configure KDE such, that I only have to fill in my
>>> password once (preferably at login)? I think about Kde-Wallet, since this
>>> program stores passwords. In this case, I have to tell Firefox (and all the
>>> plugins) to use (and to trust, of course) this Kde-Wallet and not ask me.
>>> But, I have not yet figured out how to do this, and possibly it's not even
>>> doable anyway).
>>> Any idea? Maybe someone has fixed this already?
>> I use Kwallet to store all my passwords, except foxmarks, because firefox does 
>> that for me automatically. So when I login, I only have to enter 2 passwords, 
>> Login, and kwallet.
>> But at the moment, I have auto login enabled, so basically I just enter my 
>> password for kwallet.
> Another way is to set the password for KWallet to nothing, then you just 
> have to enter your login. My preferred way as I dont really expect 
> anyone to logon as me and try to steal my passwords
yes. i'm the only user of linux, the rest of family use windows. so i
have my password for linux in grub, and i set kdm to autologin. my
kdewallet password is nothing, any KDE application wishing to store
passwords, can do this easily. firefox uses its own password manager to
store all my passwords, and there's no master password. thunderbird uses
its own password manager as well. amsn stores my password and autologins
on startup. so all in all, i never type my password except on grub.
lmao, i just clicked send and got asked for a password, so clicked
cancel to do this edit, the only other time i have to type my password
is when sending messages, TB asks for my gpg key password to sign the
message. and i also type it a lot when sudoing. and i sudo a lot in
konsole, but then, i'm not the average user of linux fearing the
almihjty terminal ;)

Willy K. Hamra
Manager of Hamra Information Systems
Co. Manager of Zeina Computer & Billy Net

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