Kubuntu uses too much memory. What is the cause?

Alvin info at alvin.be
Thu May 28 17:52:26 BST 2009

On Thursday 28 May 2009 17:47:02 Chris Jones wrote:
> > Other that that, there's not much activity.
> > Now, I don't see this behaviour on other Kubuntu boxes. Is there a way to
> > see what process is filling the swap?
> Open a terminal and run 'top'
> when it is running, enter capitol M (i.e. <shift> m) to sort by memory
> usage.

Ah, nice. Well, Kontact and Amarok seem to use a lot of memory. (Is it really 
necessary to use +1GB to play .ogg files?)

The next step is freeing the memory. Closing Amarok doesn't help. Swap usage 
stays the same. Any suggestions?

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