KDE4.3 beta issues

Goh Lip g.lip at gmx.com
Thu May 28 18:08:03 UTC 2009

Nils Kassube wrote:
> Goh Lip wrote:
>> Now, back to my original query,
>> <quote>
>> somebody could be in a spot of trouble if he converts to kde 4.3 in
>> Jaunty and wants to change back to kde 4.2.3. For newer users, I
>> would have to recommend a reinstall and being newer users, they will
>> also baulk at this. It would be good if
>> <unquote>
>> So, if I want to go back to Jaunty Kde 4.2.3 from Jaunty Kde 4.3
>> beta, is there a simpler way than reinstalling Jaunty and reupgrading
>> to Kde 4.2.3?
> For new users I wouldn't suggest to install beta software in the first 
> place. I don't know if the way Dotan suggested already is simpler than 
> reinstalling, but it should at least work. Anyway, I would probably 
> prefer a fresh install. OTOH, I don't try beta software on a production 
> machine and I'm prepared to reinstall if I try beta software. I even try 
> a new Kubuntu version on a separate partition before I upgrade my normal 
> systems. That's why I didn't use Intrepid but stayed with Hardy until 
> Jaunty was released. I had tested Intrepid and it wasn't good enough for 
> me.
> Nils

Totally agree with you, Nils.
I quote below the first thread that I started for this.

> I had always advised my friends not to touch the beta's for Kubuntu.
> Looks like this will be one of them too.

I too had the Hardy Kde 3.5.10 in a separate partition and was planning 
to clear it for the Karmic in the future as the Jaunty Kde 4.2.3 was 
good enough. In fact, I thought Jaunty Kde 4.2.2 was okay too.

Then I saw a repository for Jaunty for Kde 4.3 (yes, labelled as beta),
and thought I should try it out. IMO, felt that it would be disastrous 
for newer users though I could work around it myself. I asked the 
question about going back to Kde 4.2.3 in anticipation. Luckily, the Kde 
4.3 beta was withdrawn from the Jaunty repositories in a day or two. 
Hopefully there will not be many newer users who had changed to Kde 4.3 
beta in Jaunty.

Personally for me, having the Kde 4.3 repository withdrawn would mean 
that I would have to live with it (which is not that bad for me) but 
there won't be any patches or upgrades until it is deemed okay for final 
release in Jaunty. So I might as well change to Karmic even though I had 
not planned to do so at such an early stage. Ah well, it is not too bad 
either. In fact I think it is better than having the Jaunty Kde 4.3 beta.

Good of you to share your thoughts.

Goh Lip

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