Kubuntu, USB drives and magic mounting.

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Thu May 28 15:15:31 UTC 2009

There seem to be two ways to mount drives: a)Use mount and glue a /dev/blah to 
some directory and b)Let Kubuntu auto-magically mount them for you.

The mystery here is with option b. Here are the scenarios:
1. KDE 3.5: Nice desktop. Big icons appear. I could right-click and say 
"mount". No problemo. Also had a "Safely remove" option for later.
2. KDE 4.2.x : No desktop to shout about. Plasma widget bottom-right (Device 
notifier) seems to control USB devices. It has stopped working. I no longer 
have a way to interact with it. Hence -- I can't mount drives by option b 

The question is two-fold:
1. Can anyone tell me what the command-line steps would be to mount a USB 
drive that has *just been plugged in*. I don't mean mount /dev/sdd1 
/media/blah, Why? Well, I don't want to: 
a) Make the blah directory manually -- I want it to appear magically with a 
name like "300 Maxtor" (like it does when KDE mounts it, or used-to).
b) I don't want to have to dmesg | tail and look for the /dev/ the drive is 
assigned. (Well, I don't mind this if it's the only way)

2. Can anyone help me troubleshoot the "Device notifier" widget? Perhaps I 
stopped some service it depends on. Dunno.

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