KDE4.3 beta issues

Goh Lip g.lip at gmx.com
Thu May 28 04:59:27 UTC 2009

Dotan Cohen wrote:

>> > I doubt that one would have to reinstall, in fact, if he were to keep
>> > his /home/user directory than a reinstall would do no good. After
>> > removing KDE 4.3 rename ~/.kde to ~/.kde-old and then restart: it
>> > should give you a clean KDE. The user could them pick out the files
>> > from ~/.kde-old that he needs (such as Kmail).

Goh Lip wrote:
>> Start up without a .kde?  Haven't tried that because I had thought it
>> would be impossible. Okay, I'll try that out next upgrade. Thanks for
>> the suggestion.

Bruce Marshall wrote:
> Yes....   renaming the .kde/ directory is a very good way of checking for 
> problems with KDE.   And resolving them if a clean .kde/ proves to eliminate 
> the bug.   There are very few things in the old .kde/ that you would need to 
> move back over but   kmail settings and the address book files would be some 
> of those.

I have been ruminating over this, I am both awed and puzzled. If I am on 
Jaunty with Kde 4.3 beta upgraded from Jaunty Kde 4.2.3 which itself is 
upgraded from Jaunty Kde 4.2.2 and this OS started its life from 
Intrepid Kde 4.0; if I then remove .kde and restart, what will I get?

Thanks guys, it's a heck of a trick.

Goh Lip

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