David McGlone david at
Wed May 27 12:26:49 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 27 May 2009 08:18:22 am Ulrich GrĂ¼n wrote:
> 2009/5/26 Goh Lip <g.lip at>:
> <-- deleted nonsense -->
> Message to all contributors of unnecessary and hateful replies:
>      *Could you please stop this?*
> If the moderators think they have to moderate, they'll have their
> reasons to do so.
> So, let them do their work. In stead of criticising them for that,
> let's do our best not to receive a moderation flag and use this list
> for what it is intended for!

Ulrich, everyone is just trying to make a point, that a poster can get in 
trouble for something that naturally happens at times. Take for example this 

I stayed completely out of this thread, because I too was afraid I would get 
in trouble and I'll admit I watched the thread in case I needed to 
unsubscribe, because I'm not going to stick around if I have to fear I will 
say the wrong thing.

David M.

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