KDE4.3 beta issues

David McGlone david at dmcentral.net
Wed May 27 11:54:16 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 27 May 2009 03:17:18 am Dotan Cohen wrote:
> > It shouldn't have been called KDE 4.0, then.  Same with 4.1.  They
> > should've been called KDE 4.0alpha and KDE 4.0beta, respectively.  And
> > yes, KDE *is* a desktop environment.  That's why it's called the K
> > Desktop Environment (KDE).
> KDE is *not* a desktop environment, that is just one of the KDE
> products. Read the opening paragraph of this obscure webpage:
> http://kde.org/

Huh? for 13 years I've always thought KDE is a desktop environment. What makes 
you think it's not? Have I been missing something for 13 years?



 KDE or the K Desktop Environment, is a network transparent contemporary 
desktop environment for UNIX workstations.

David M.

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