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marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Tue May 26 19:07:03 BST 2009

Dotan Cohen said:

>> I'd be filing it because functionality I've come to rely on has broken.
>> I've stopped getting terribly upset when a developer insists on
>> downgrading my bugs, but I'll still do with them as I wish.  Why is it
>> more important that _I_ don't alienate devs than that _they_ don't
>> alienate users?
> Because you want something from them :)

That's interesting. I view the relationship as symbiotic. If a developer 
doesn't see value in testing, then it's probably a lost cause in any 
case; definitely so if they're defensive about it.

Every developer knows that good test data is worth its weight in gold.

>> Stripping functionality from our apps and then saying that you have to
>> ask for a "new feature" to get them back is at least as alienating.
> The KDE devs did not strip functionality. They rewrote their software
> from the ground up, for you. Not all the features made the rewrite,
> especially the features that noone is asking for.

kde is not a rewrite. What they did was a migration. They just didn't 
know how to do one properly.

None of this pain and regression is necessary.

Btw, Dotan, can you cite the rewrite argument; I've not read it. 


"Change requires small steps."

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