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Nigel Ridley nigel at
Wed May 27 09:09:24 UTC 2009

Jerry Lapham wrote:
> In Kubuntu 8.04/KDE 3.5.10 when you click on a file to open it in Kate, it  
> appears in an already open Kate session if there is one.  In Kubuntu 9.04/KDE 
> 4.4.2 it always opens a new session.  How do you get it to act like 3.5.10?
> 	-Jerry

Quote from a previous thread:

I don't know if you running KDE 3 or 4 but in Intrepid and KDE 4 i
start System settings->Advanced tab->File bindings. In the treeview
select text and then fore every filetype that has Kate as an option of
program to the right, select the kate option and click edit, in the
dialog that opens select the Program tab and change the Command from
kate %U to kate --use %U.
This is untested but i think it should work.

/ Jonas

End Quote



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