KDE4.3 beta issues

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Tue May 26 18:21:55 UTC 2009

Dotan Cohen wrote:

>> On that, we wholeheartedly agree!  KDE 4.2.2 should've been KDE 4.0.
>> What got released as 4.0 was really still alpha code.  4.1 was what I
>> might call "beta" and should *NEVER* have been included in Kubuntu as
>> the default.  4.2.x is actually decent, though still not
>> feature-complete compared to KDE 3.5.
> KDE 4.0 was the release of the stable APIs, not a stable desktop. KDE
> is _not_ a desktop, it is an umbrella name for a lot of technologies.
> The KDE 4.0 desktop was clearly labeled as "not for end users" and the
> KDE 4.1desktop was also clearly labeled as "for early adopters only".
> Complain to your distro that they included this software, that was
> clearly labeled as not meant for use.

We did - loudly and often (and _before_ the release of Intrepid).  I can't 
see that it did any good.

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