Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Mon May 25 18:15:25 BST 2009

Donn wrote:

> Since popups are doing so much damage to my sanity, I'd really like to
> know if there's a way to turn 'em off. I *know* which desktop I am
> clicking in the pager. I *know* what icon I am on in the tray. Please tell
> me there's a magic, secret-fairy, hidden dialogue somewhere with a tick
> box that says "make all those nasty popups just ... go-away" :D

"Popups" or "mouseovers" - the difference being that Popups should stay on-
screen until you take some action.  I don't get any popups, but I do get 
mouseovers for anything on the panel, and I am sure there's a config option.

Unfortunately, I went looking and while I didn't find it, I did discover a 
global option to set icons to display without text.  "ooh - shiny!"  
Naturally I clicked on it, since I always turn the text off to make room for 
more icons on a toolbar, and then clicked on "apply", and both screens went 
white (after a brief interlude showing the KDM background).  I ended up 
having to restart KDM...

... so no, I don't know where that option is :-)

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