OT. This list has become "Neighbours, The Vollom Years".

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Tue May 26 14:27:50 UTC 2009

> I'd be filing it because functionality I've come to rely on has broken.
> I've stopped getting terribly upset when a developer insists on downgrading
> my bugs, but I'll still do with them as I wish.  Why is it more important
> that _I_ don't alienate devs than that _they_ don't alienate users?

Because you want something from them :)

> Stripping functionality from our apps and then saying that you have to ask
> for a "new feature" to get them back is at least as alienating.

The KDE devs did not strip functionality. They rewrote their software
from the ground up, for you. Not all the features made the rewrite,
especially the features that noone is asking for.

> No, you're right - it's happening in non-KDE apps.  Eclipse, for instance.

Is that Qt or GTK? If Qt, which version?

Dotan Cohen


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