KDE4.3 beta issues

Willy Hamra w.hamra1987 at gmail.com
Tue May 26 11:20:08 UTC 2009

On 25/05/2009, Terrell Prude' Jr. <microman at cmosnetworks.com> wrote:
> Mark Greenwood wrote:
> > But the CD image is now 700MB. There's no room there for all that debug. We don't all have unlimited high-bandwidth broadband.
> >
> Gotta point there.  However, if they're asked, maybe ShipIt will also
> ship Kubuntu DVD's, which do indeed have the room.  I do know they're
> available from amazon.com for $4.98 including shipping.  Or maybe you
> can download it at your university or place of work or whatever.  Just
> start the download and let 'er go overnight.  There are lots of ways to
> get a DVD.
> The point you raise does beg the question, though:  without high-speed
> broadband, how do you do your post-installation system updates?  That's
> hundreds of megabytes there....
> > Frankly though, if the software wasn't so bleedin' broken we wouldn't be having this argument would we? ;) The argument should be for better beta testing instead of releasing beta code as "finished".
> >
> On that, we wholeheartedly agree!  KDE 4.2.2 should've been KDE 4.0.
> What got released as 4.0 was really still alpha code.  4.1 was what I
> might call "beta" and should *NEVER* have been included in Kubuntu as
> the default.  4.2.x is actually decent, though still not
> feature-complete compared to KDE 3.5.
> I do look forward to trying out KDE 4.3 beta when it hits the Jaunty
> repositories, like what was done with 4.2 and Intrepid.  I sure hope
> they included a decent replacement for kprinter in 4.3.
> --TP

every major update takes me days to download. a suse dvd took me 2
weeks to download, thought my PC is very good, we just have an aweful
internet backbone in this area of the world.
but when it comes to memory, there still IS those people with 512 RAM
who can't afford running a KDE4 desktop with all debug symbols loaded
for every single application.
IMHO, applications are to be delievered to users without ANY debug
symbols, stripped from all unnecessities, optimized to run as fast as
possible, with as less memory as possible, without stripping out any
functionality. in short, give the user the best experience. now if the
user *wants* to use debug symbols, it's his choice, and he should have
the option of downloading programs with their symbols, but that should
not be the default.
of course, this argument becomes invalid when we are talking about
programs in beta state, since any use of the application is *testing*
whether we intend to test it or not. but then, we have yet to define
if KDE can be considered a beta or not. IMO any program, DE or
whatever that has such tendency to crash, cause problems, leak memory,
shall be considered a beta till it can run smoothly. if trouble
resurfaces after a long time of stable working, the program goes to
beta state again till these are fixed.
though that's just me :P

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