Accessing remote:/ from KDE3.5.x applications in KDE4

Derek Broughton derek at
Mon May 25 13:27:38 UTC 2009

John L Vifian wrote:

> On Sunday 24 May 2009 3:20:18 pm Richard S. Crawford wrote:
>> Thanks for the suggestion. I should have been more clear, though; I
>> was hoping to avoid using sshfs because I have a number of different
>> remote sites that I need to connect to. Having access to the remote:/
>> kio_slave in my KDE 3.5.10 applications would make life easier rather
>> than trying to manage a cumbersome number of different sshfs mounted
>> directories, especially since many of my remote sites automatically
>> disconnect after a set period of time.
> Sigh, I wish too.  I've been just using kate and SFTP, unless I'm going to
> be
> doing a lot of work, where the context sensitive help in Quanta pays off. 
> I've heard that SUSE has enabled the kio slaves for sftp & fish for Quanta
> but haven't tried it. You should be able to create a shell script to open
> multiple sshfs sites and periodically do an ls (or whatever) to keep them
> from auto-
> disconnecting but that's hardly ideal.  :-(

Despite the fact that I've been arguing that I don't see much value to an 
sshfs filesystem when I can use kio slaves, I think this might be a job for 
autofs.  I never did get around to configuring autofs, but I installed it 
specifically to handle a couple of cifs filesystems, and aiui it would work 
for sshfs too - basically mounting the fs whenever it's available and 
dismounting it when it isn't.

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