Accessing remote:/ from KDE3.5.x applications in KDE4

Richard S. Crawford rscrawford at
Sun May 24 22:51:52 BST 2009

Is there a way to access folders in remote:/ in the open/save dialogs
in KDE 3.5 applications running in KDE 4? For example, Quanta, which
is my usual PHP editor, hasn't been fully upgraded to work properly in
KDE 4.2, and neither has KDevelop. I'd like to open files directly on
my remote servers without having to do sshfs somewhere in my computer.
I've tried adding it but when I try accessing it, I get a "malformed
URL" message. Any hints out there?

Richard S. Crawford (rscrawford at
Publisher and Editor in Chief, Daikaijuzine (

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